Caribbean 'Sabrosura', a culinary experience

Delight yourself with the most characteristic dishes of the colombian caribbean coast, while you learn about the origin, history and the gastronomic influence of world migrants that arrived to our cuisine to stay.

¡Qué le pongan salsa! un recorrido por los ritmos y la cultura costeña

The colombian caribbean coast is known for the joy and the ‘sabor’ of its people. Learn with local dancers some dance steps of the most emblematic rhythms (Cumbia, Mapalé, Champeta y Salsa) of this corner of the country.

Ser artesano por un día

Near from Barranquilla, in Galapa’s municipality, hundreds of crafts are made showing the most important festivity in Colombia: the Carnival of Barranquilla. Learn about the elaboration process and live the craftsman experience for a day with local masters.

Gabo's history in Barranquilla

Conoce sitios emblemáticos como la Plaza de San Nicolás, el Rascacielos o la Librería Mundo, y prueba alguno de sus platos favoritos en una ciudad que marcó su historia como periodista  y escritor.   


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