In Caribia Tours we are aware of sustainable tourism development and are convinced that example begins at home. Therefore, our team and external collaborators are committed to diminishing as much as possible our footprint while we conduct our activities and, in the services provided to our clients.

Our tourism operator agrees to fulfill all established requisites of the Technical Sectorial Norm (NTS in Spanish) NTS-TS 003, as well as to raise awareness of sustainable tourism by maintaining a continuous improvement process and providing incentives for better practices to be a friendly business with our ecosystems, communities, and environments. 

This policy will be updated as the circumstances require it, adopting and fulfilling in both cases new sustainability goals.


Aware of the importance of the protection and good use of the information provided by our clients and suppliers CARIBIA TOURS, who acts as responsible for the given information has designed policies and procedures that together with this authorization, allow us to use correctly your data.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection General Regime established in Law 1581/2012 and Decree 1377/2013, that enforces the constitutional rights that people must know, update and rectify all type of information related to public and/or private entity databases usage, we require you to give us the faculty to collect, store, use, disclose, remove, process, transmit and/or transfer information to third parties located both at home and abroad; to process, update and dispose of provided data that have been incorporated to databases or electronic repositories in which CARIBIA TOURS has access. Data treatment can be done by CARIBIA TOURS directly or through contractors, consultants, advisers and/or third parties in charge of personal data treatment, to perform any type of operations such as collection, storage, use, disclosure, suppression, classification, transfer, and transmission (the “Treatment”) of totality or part of your data. 

Collected data may be used for  a. The compliance of the contract relation established with CARIBIA TOURS b. The service provision related to offered products and services c. Activities related to the service or product that includes a newsletter sent by electronic emails. d. To send information about changes in acquired services and product conditions and notification of new services or products, e. Handle requests, clarifications, and investigations. f. Elaboration of programs and studies that are necessary to determine consumption habits, g. Safety and business condition adjustments for commercial transactions; confirmation and processing of said transactions with your financial entity, our service suppliers and with yourself,  h. Implementation of periodic evaluations of our services and products to enhance their quality,  i. Submission of current and future technical, operational and commercial information services and products offered by CARIBIA TOURS, its associates and suppliers. j. The request for satisfaction surveys that are not obliged to answer. k. The transmission and or transfer of data to other firms, commercial alliances, and third parties to comply with acquired obligations. The transmission and transfers may be done to third parties in other countries that may have a different protection level concerning Colombia whenever needed to fulfill our obligations.  l. To comply with obligations held by CARIBIA TOURS with its clients when they purchase our services and products. m. To answer to control organisms and other authorities claims, petitions, and complaints, that under the applicable law, must receive personal data,  n. Any other related activities that are necessary to develop CARIBIA TOURS' corporate purpose. 

Authorization by others:  If you provide information of people different than yourself, with the acceptance of the present document you certify that you count with the expressed authorization to share personal data of this or these people. Therefore, there is no type of verification and we assume the veracity, validity, and authenticity of each one. Accordingly, we cannot be held accountable for any kind of damages that could be generated due to lack of veracity, homonym or identity information impersonation related problems. 

Sensible data: The owner of said information manifests that he understands, accepts and authorizes willingly, expressly and spontaneously the treatment of this provided information when it refers to racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical beliefs, social organizations or union membership, personal health or biometric data. However, it's optional to respond to questions concerning sensible data. Stored biometric data are collected and treated strictly for safety motives, to verify personal identity and for control access for employees, clients and visitors.

Minor or dependent person data: In case of receiving personal data from minors or dependent people with disabilities, you guaranty that you do so as his or her legal guardian and that the minor was listened to and all his fundamental rights were respected. That said, if you give personal information about said population without being his or her legal guardian you manifest that you count with their legal guardian’s approval assuming direct responsibility. Minor data, comprised under a special protection category, will be treated according to current legislation and our personal data policy.

The rights you have as the holder of your personal data are contemplated on article 8 of Law 1581/2012, specifically to understand, update and rectify your personal data, request authorization evidence, as well as to be informed of the use given to your data and revoke any authorizations. If you wish to exercise your rights, including that your information is deleted or modified, we invite you to contact us at