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'Barrio Abajo' tour



Barranquilla / Colombia


2 - 15


2-3 horas


Spanish / English

Tour description

The recent declaration of this neighborhood as an Asset of Cultural Interest only confirms the tradition it carries on its back as a cradle of artists, musicians, dancers and matrons that today remain in force and even give birth to many flagship representations of the Carnival.

What are we going to do?

In this multicultural experience you will walk through its streets that still preserve traditional facades with picturesque colors and messages alluding to the music, its representatives and of course its Carnival, including a mandatory stop at the house where Gabriel García Márquez lived in his youth and later belonged to the singer Joe Arroyo.

You will also meet artisans and creators of the Barranquilla Carnival, cooks who keep alive the legacy of their grandparents, open-air galleries, groups of adults playing traditional games on street corners and sometimes musicians practicing their choreographies in the open air.

We will make a stop at the house of an emblematic painter of the neighborhood who will explain his work and the daily anecdotes that inspired his paintings, and then refresh you with a unique preparation of a matron who will tell you stories of her family, typical of the Colombian Caribbean.

What does it include?

  • Roundtrip from the hotel.
  • 1 drink.
  • Tourist guide.
  • Insurance and medical assistance for emergency cases.

Use comfortable shoes and light clothes.

We care for the enviroment! Use your own water bottle.

We recommend this tour for children over 12 years old.


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