Walking tour Barranquilla + Carnival Museum

Walk through the streets, houses and mansions of the traditional El Prado neighborhood and finish with a visit to the Carnival Museum to learn about its history, dances, instruments and emblematic costumes.

Caribbean 'Sabrosura'

Delight yourself with the most characteristic dishes of the colombian caribbean coast, while you learn about the origin, history and the gastronomic influence of world migrants that arrived to our cuisine to stay.

Feel the rhythm

Learn the steps of some of the most emblematic rhythms of this corner of the country, while you get to know its history and places that symbolize the joy that characterizes the people who live in the Colombian Caribbean.

A day as a caribbean artist

For a day be part of one most famous bands of the caribbean, learn to play an instrument with experts musicians and conforme a musical ensemble with more than 30 artist at the stage.

Craft-Beer tour Made in BAQ

In this tour you will learn about 4 types of beer, some of them 100% made in Barranquilla, with elements so unique and representative that they will give you an idea of why we are a land of river, music, dance and immigrants.

Gabo's history in Barranquilla

Tour Barranquilla and know how Gabriel García Márquez lived in the 50's while you discover Barranquilla's landmarks such and learn about their relationship with his life and work.

Prado and coffee

In this walking tour you will know not only the most important spots of this sector but you will also end up in a tasting to delight yourself with three Colombian coffee preparations.

Craftsman for a day

Near from Barranquilla, in Galapa’s municipality, hundreds of crafts are made showing the most important festivity in Colombia: the Carnival of Barranquilla. Learn about the elaboration process and live the craftsman experience for a day with local masters.

Barranquilla express

Tour the main tourist sites of Barranquilla such as 'El Prado' hotel, the Edgar Rentería baseball stadium, the Carnival House, the Fluvial Intendence, the 'Ventana al Mundo' monument and the riverwalk, from where you can appreciate the best views of the Magdalena River.

'Barrio Abajo' Tour

In this experience you will walk through the streets of the neighborhood that still preserve traditional facades with picturesque colors and messages alluding to the music, its representatives and of course Barranquilla's Carnival.

Shopping tour

Crazy about shopping? Barranquilla is known for its world-class designers and for its unique crafts. Go on a girls-only tour, take the opportunity to buy clothes with the best quality and take them home at incredible prices!

Usiacurí Tour

Tour a town in the department of Atlantico full of charm and color that will surprise you with its wide viewpoints and the beauty of its handicrafts in 'Palma de Iraca' that you can also buy at local prices.

River tour

Just 10 minutes by boat from Barranquilla you will find an incredible landscape to enjoy nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A moment to connect with yourself, eliminate stress while you give wellness to your life.

Barranquilla and its 'Encanto'

After being in the eye of the world with the Disney movie 'Encanto', we want you to experience the same excitement in the real world of Barranquilla. In this tour you will learn in a dance school the basic steps of Salsa, Vallenato and Champeta, with a playlist inspired by some songs and rhythms that sounded in the movie.

Groups and events

Are you looking for something different? Tell us what you need and we will prepare a special experience for you.