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3 sun and beach plans to do near Barranquilla


Are you moved by culture but your thing is to get a tan, feel the hot sun and lulled by the waves of the Caribbean Sea? If you need a day at the beach to end your vacation on a high note, here are 3 recommendations that you can experience just a few minutes away from the capital of the Atlántico state.

  1. Learn to surf in one of the windiest places in the world

Wait, You don't need any previous knowledge! If you have always wanted to experience new sensations and you are on a trip to the department of Atlántico, you can take our 'Surfer for a day' tour and learn this sport in just two hours. Enjoy a different afternoon in front of the waves of the sea, 'dancing' with your board with expert surfers who will give you the best theoretical and practical bases to follow this sport in your city or country of residence.

2. Relax on a day at the beach and have a typical dish for lunch

Pradomar Hotel

If you are not yet ready for water sports we recommend you to take a trip to some of the best beach clubs located in the municipality of Puerto Colombia. Which one is the best? It depends on what you are looking for... If you come as a family but you like a good atmosphere with music and activities, we recommend the Pradomar Hotel, located just 30 minutes from Barranquilla. Here you can enjoy a good piña colada, eat a delicious fish or shrimp ceviche while your children enjoy the sea.


If on the other hand your plan is not so familiar and you want something with a more adult vibe we recommend Kilymandiaro, it is located right next to the Hotel Pradomar and has different environments to eat, have a good cocktail and dance. On weekends at night this place becomes one of the best known discos near Barranquilla.

Imagine Hotel

However, if you are looking for a quiet plan, away from the hustle and bustle, loud music and festive atmosphere, we recommend the Imagine Hotel, a place just to listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the sand. It is 35 minutes from Barranquilla and is perfect to spend a day of total relaxation and a good dose of vitamin D. Its specialty is fried fish with coconut rice and patacones. To cool off we recommend a cold coconut lemonade.

3. Sleep in an ecohotel while you learn kitesurf

The department of Atlántico has established itself as one of the best spots for water sports, proof of this is that in March of this year the first stop of the World Kitesurfing Championship (GKA Kite World Tour 2022) was held, which hosted more than 50 athletes from over 30 countries. The conditions of this place have led to the fact that today you can find different academies that with a minimum of 10 hours of classes introduce you to this relaxing and challenging sport.

The Guacamaya Kite Lodge is an example of this. Here you can stay in front of the sea and learn kitesurfing at the same time. Why is this area attractive for kitesurfing lovers? Because of the wind conditions in this area, its permanent breeze from morning until late in the afternoon allows kitesurfers to practice at any time of the day.

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