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Barranquilla, an open-air museum of Gabriel García Márquez


As every April 23rd is celebrated the World Day of the Spanish Language, on this occasion we want to pay tribute to our Nobel Prize in Literature: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, also known as 'Gabo'.

Barranquilla was a place that influenced the life and work of this renowned writer, to the point of being inspiration for some of his best known books.

We invite you to read this article where we will mention places in the city that have the imprint of our beloved Gabo.

Former headquarters of El Heraldo newspaper 

Gabo worked as a journalist in this newspaper, where he wrote daily columns when he was only 23 years old under the pseudonym 'La Jirafa' and was paid no more than three pesos per article.

El Heraldo was also where Gabo arrived after the trip to Aracataca with his mother after trying to sell the house, and where he discovered that he wanted to put aside his profession as a journalist to become a writer. 

Location: The newspaper used to be on 33rd Street with carrera 40 and today it is empty.

La cueva restaurant

In this emblematic restaurant located in the Boston neighborhood, Gabo used to meet with his friends Alejandro Obregon, Alfonso Fuenmayor, Alvaro Cepeda Samudio, Enrique Garau, among other prominent figures of the Barranquilla culture, where they philosophized, shared books, personal anecdotes and above all had fun.

In 2003 the site was declared a National Public Asset by the Ministry of Culture and currently operates as a restaurant-bar that seeks to disseminate the life and work of the creators of the 'Grupo de Barranquilla' and also contributes to the culture and collective memory.

Location: Cra 43 #59-03

 Perpetuo Socorro Church 

In 1958 Gabriel García Márquez sealed his love with Mercedes Barcha, his childhood sweetheart, in this representative church located in the Boston Neighborhood.

Gabo was married to the love of his life for 56 years, and the only thing that could separate them was his death in 2014.

Location: Cra 46 #66 - 35, Boston Neighborhood.

If you want to know more about this church and other emblematic churches in the city, click here.

El Prado Hotel

Historia del hotel El Prado en Barranquilla, Atlántico - Barranquilla -  Colombia - ELTIEMPO.COM

This hotel, located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Barranquilla (El Prado neighborhood) was the place of Gabo's first date with his wife. Here they used to dance together on Sundays. 

There Gabo also frequented the cab station visiting his cab driver friends who nicknamed him 'Trapo loco' (Crazy Rag) because of his striking and peculiar way of dressing. 

Location: Cra. 54 #70-10

Gabo's house

In Barrio Abajo - a neighborhood of great cultural tradition in Barranquilla - without knowing it, the master Gabo and the Centurion of the night - Joe Arroyo - lived in the same house at different times. 

Gabo lived here for a large part of his youth when he was about 11 years old. His parents decided to live in this house and set up a small pharmacy where they sold homeopathic products. 

Location: Calle 46 #53-29

La Tiendecita restaurant

La Tiendecita: un rincón de tradición en la arenosa » Hora en Punto

In the 50's Gabo used to frequent this picturesque restaurant with his friends to taste the typical coastal food and drink beers. Their conversations were always long and they used to ask for several rounds to discuss literature and politics. 

Today the restaurant is still open and its walls house a number of photos of Gabo and the Barranquilla group.

Location: Cra 44 #62 -04

If you want to know more about the traces left by Gabriel García Márquez in his time in Barranquilla, take a tour with us! Here more information.

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