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5 must-see stops if you visit Usiacurí


Every place indeed has its charm but Usiacurí enchants all its visitors with the peace that is breathed, the tranquility that is lived, with its green hills and lush trees. Julio Flórez, the Colombian poet, is an example of that, he came to the municipality looking for a cure for his illness and found the love of his life, Petrona Moreno, with whom he had 5 children and the greatest happiness in the last years of his life. 

Usiacurí the ‘manger of the Atlántico’ is also a land of artisans and one of the most beautiful municipalities in the department. If you want to know more about what to do there, continue reading and discover it. 

Visit the Santo Domingo de Guzman Church

One of the highest points of Usiacurí is this picturesque church built-in 1925. From the top, you can see the whole town, its colorful roofs with painted birds that inhabit this area, its houses with striking facades, and all the vegetation of the place.

Dip your hands in the medicinal wells.

Usiacurí began to gain national and regional importance due to its medicinal wells, which hundreds of people visited in the hope of curing their illnesses or ailments.

In this experience we recommend you to wear comfortable walking shoes, bring enough hydration, and the willingness to discover this ecological trail.

Walkthrough the house-museum of Julio Flórez poet

You cannot leave Usiacurí without visiting the house of the famous poet who came to this place in 1909 and stayed there until he died in 1923. In this precinct, declared as a National Monument, you can find some of his personal objects such as his books, furniture, works, the bed where he died, his remains, and those of his wife. 

Curious facts:

  • In this house he received in life his appointment as National Poet on January 14, 1923, a recognition for his invaluable contribution to the culture and literature of the country. 
  • In 2002 the house was elevated to Cultural Heritage of the Department of Atlántico and in February 2007 it was named a National Monument.

Let yourself be delighted by the traditional food

Foto: Miguel Salgado.

Right next to the church is ‘Anhelos’ restaurant, in this picturesque place you can taste the typical food of the region, acclimatize yourself with a peach or passion fruit ice cream or refresh yourself with a natural juice of some of our most exotic fruits. We recommend you try the zapote juice.  

Buy handicrafts at the handicraft center

Foto: Miguel Salgado.

In addition to the central square, which is right in front of the Julio Flórez House-Museum, we recommend you visit the Corina Urueta handicraft center in honor of the first teacher and exporter of Iraca Palm handicrafts in Atlántico. 

There you can see the artisans making some products, and of course, buy handicrafts at local prices.

It is located at the entrance of the municipality, right next to the hospital.

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