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5 must-visit restaurants in Barranquilla


When we talk about Barranquilla, those who have visited it make their mouths water. In this city where Arab, German, Italian, Chinese and other immigrants from all over the world arrived, if there is one thing that can be done well, it is eating.

Having a gastronomic offer for all tastes (and budgets) is one of the main attractions of the city, ranging from fancy restaurants that offer delicacies such as "fresh fish fillet in citrus butter, served with avocado salad and corn muffin" to traditional dishes such as cayeye or good patacones.

If you are visiting or are looking for proposals of places where you can try local flavors, we share with you 5 recommended restaurants with some unmissable dishes that you must taste in each one of them.

Palo de Mango

The perfect mix of local flavors in the best gourmet style. A place that keeps our Caribbean essence but without losing a single touch of glamour. To start, order their house drink: the 'Palo e' mango' cocktail and then share a couple of appetizers before ordering the main course.

Recommended dish croquettes of pigeon peas and a spectacular black tenderloin for the main course.
Plus: For dessert, the coconut milhoja is sure to sweeten the rest of your day.
Address: Cra. 55 #75-67
Budget: $$$$


This is pure local flavor and vibe! A pot of mote de queso or a fried fish with patacones and coconut rice (accompanied by a corozo juice) will be the perfect lunch for those who want to skip dinner. The best part? Its permanent verbena atmosphere that will allow you to feel like you are in a carnival party all the time.

Recommended dish 'Ollita de cucayo' and its delicious coconut lemonade.
Address:main headquarters at Calle 85 # 52-105 and at the Caimán del Río gastronomic market you can eat on the banks of the Magdalena River (Gran Malecón del Río).
Budget: $$$

La cueva restaurant

This place has no comparison with any other. La Cueva has a special charm as it was the place where Gabriel García Márquez (our Nobel Prize winner) and his intellectual friends used to meet. The food is delicious and inspired by flavors related to his life and work.

If you are a lover of culture and good food, this gastronomic gallery is your place. You can visit it from Wednesday to Sunday at lunchtime or from Thursday night with live music for an unprecedented show.

Recommended dish carnival ravioli and cassava flan.
Plus: Their star cocktail is the 'totumazo', you can't miss it.
Address:: Cra. 43 #59-03
Budget: $$$


What a particular name, don't you think? This place of Cartagena origin but with an indisputable fame in Barranquilla is the ideal place if you want to try the most typical of the Colombian Caribbean: chicharrones, arepa e' huevo, empanadas, bollo de mazorca, beans, sancocho and natural juices of all flavors.

Would you like to know where its name comes from? Visit its headquarters and find out in which year and why it made national news.

Recommended dish its famous 'olaya' sticks and corozo juice.
Address: Cra. 43 #84-188
Budget: $$


A tribute to the 'mestizo cuisine' is this restaurant that will delight your palate in a very autochthonous atmosphere of the Colombian Caribbean. Fish, seafood and very local appetizers such as butifarras or meat or cheese carimañolas, are some of the dishes you must try if you visit this place.

Recommended dish pork rinds starter with panela guarapo
Address: Cra. 43 #87-158 (Very close to Narcobollo)
Budget: $$$

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