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Positive energy during COVID-19 times


In these dificult times for all of us that have been working with passion and devotion for the tourism in Colombia, it is very ironic that now we are closing our doors to travelers in who we have invested a lot of time, convincing them to visit our country. However, this is part of life… We are colombians (whether we were born here or we have been adopted by heart) and we are resilient. We have learnt how to endure the hardest times and take advantage of everything to show always the best of our country in spite of any circumstance.

Today I invite you to take this Time Out to do the things that the routine can't allow you to do, such as value more your collaborators, finish that project that you had in mind, spend time with your family, but over all, I invite you to recharge with positive energy and share it with the world, because when this situation ends, Colombia wants to be the first country to welcome all.

Let's have the courage! I know that we will see you soon in Barranquilla.

Best regards,

The Caribia Tours team

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